• Our knowledgeable staff, who are passionate enthusiasts with a deep understanding of the airsoft industry, provide unparalleled expertise and guidance.
  • We are dedicated to adapting our platform, products, and processes to meet the specific needs and wants of our customers to grow even faster.


  • Open and honest approach to customers with clearly defined revenue goals and discounts.
  • Emphasis on clear communication and alignment of objectives to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.


  • Sharing of sales statistics and top-selling products to inform and guide business decisions, with dedicated sections highlighting best-sellers for easy reference.
  • Upcoming deliveries as a convenient platform feature allowing users to set reminders and be up to date always.


  • Dedicated sales representatives available to customers through various channels of communication including email, phone, and WhatsApp.
  • Highly responsive service with 24-hour turnaround time for inquiries and flexibility to accommodate specific business needs. Proactive evaluation of client needs and suggestions for improvement to enhance business performance.


  • Tailored graphic design services, based on specific client specifications and needs. Additionally, we provide an array of physical marketing materials such as stands, rollups, and freebies to help effectively promote the products in physical stores.
  • Sharing of an extensive library of marketing materials, including physical and digital resources, to empower our resellers to effectively promote and sell our products.


  • Partner with Specna ARMS for guaranteed profitability. With a large and loyal following, this highly popular brand provides a unique opportunity for resellers to tap into a lucrative and growing market.
  • Access a suite of comprehensive tools and resources, including marketing materials, brand ambassadors, and multilingual instructions, to easily promote and sell top-performing products.


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Specna Arms is a recognized and well-respected brand in the global airsoft market, developed by a team of enthusiasts who follow the newest trends while keeping reliability, quality, and modularity in mind. After countless hours in the field testing the products, Specna Arms created a wide range of airsoft guns, including the polymer Flex and innovative Edge 2.0 lines, which cater to both beginners and experienced players. Always fousing on the product-user relation, the product development team prides itself on being at the top of industry's technological advancement. The products range features exceptional elements such as Easy Spring Access, Gate electronics, and reinforced gearboxes. High quality is recognized also by the respected American firearm manufacturers like Rock River Arms® or Daniel Defense® who entrusted their linces rights to Specna Arms. The constant development of both technical and visual aspects ensures that the high-quality, good-looking, and reasonably-priced airsoft replicas, which stand out from other brands.

Specna Arms Distribution aims to provide exceptional value to resellers by offering top-quality airsoft products that are customized and localized to meet the specific market conditions of the USA. The company's team consisting of industry vetrans, with a proven track record of developing successful airsoft brands across the globe, will be focused to ensure that our products become the golden standard of quality and innovation. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success in the global airsoft market, and we are devoted to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer support to our B2B partners. As a Specna Arms reseller, you will have access to valuable data to help you make informed purchasing decisions, as well as marketing support and transparent pricing policies. We are focused on continuing to grow our brand by utilizing our experience from other markets and placing a strong emphasis on the USA market, which we believe is the most important market for airsoft enthusiasts.


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e-mail: b2b@specnaarms.com

Airsoft Wholesale: Enhance Your Store's Offerings

A dependable airsoft wholesaler is essential for successfully selling airsoft guns to your retail customers. The services provided by your wholesaler influence factors such as supply continuity and product variety. Our wholesale operation has been active for 15 years, and we understand the expectations of our customers and strive to meet them.

Choose from a wide range of airsoft guns

As the official distributor for the renowned airsoft brand Specna Arms, our wholesaler provides an extensive selection of airsoft gun models. Airsoft enthusiasts worldwide appreciate the high quality and functionality of Specna Arms products, including their Core, One, Edge, Edge 2.0, and latest Flex lines. Additionally, we offer airsoft gun parts and accessories, such as BBs, magazines, chargers, and batteries.

Benefits of partnering with us

Our fully automated order fulfillment system ensures quick and efficient processing, with 90% of orders completed within 24 hours. We also provide worldwide product delivery through our extensive shipping network and work to calculate the most cost-effective shipping rates for our partners. By collaborating with us, you gain access to our expertise in selecting the optimal purchasing strategy and product assortment for your store. Our comprehensive advice has helped 69% of our partners increase their profits in the past year, demonstrating the value of working with our airsoft wholesale company.

Outstanding service and suport

Our commitment to high-quality service is evident in our communication with partners, keeping them informed about their order status throughout the process. This transparency helps you build trust with your customers by providing accurate product availability information. We offer multilingual support through various communication channels, including Skype, WhatsApp, email, and phone, with a 97% response rate within an hour. Our well-trained, qualified specialists are always prepared to assist you. Take the next step by registering with our airsoft wholesaler and exploring our product offerings. If you have any further questions, we'll be more than happy to help!